Aqua One Ecoscape Mat - Lobelia Green

An easy way to add depth to you aquarium

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  • Rich carpeting Lobelia Green plastic decor for all aquariums
  • Can be mixed with live and artificial plants
  • Adds depth to your aquarium while encouraging natural behaviours
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The Ecoscape Mat in the Lobelia design is a lovely rich green small plant, with a variety of light and dark colourations to provide a realistic look, with the mat itself measuring approximately 17cm x 33cm, with around 5cm depth.

This is designed for the base to be buried within your gravel or sand, creating a carpet of plants look from above. These can be used alone, or in groups to cover large areas, and looks perfect when used alongside other sizes of plants, either plastic, silk or real live ones, to provide more enrichment for your fish, as well as a dynamic look to your aquarium.

As with any silk or plastic plants, these can be easily moved around to completely change the look of your fish tank, and don't require any special lighting to stay looking at their best.

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