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Aqua One PhosPad Self Cut Filter Foam Pad

A fantastic phosphate reducing filter media

At a glance...
  • Self-cut PhosPad for all aquarium filters
  • A filter media suitable for all filters
  • Reduces the level of phosphate in your aquarium
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This PhosPad Self Cut filter sponge is ideal to add a layer into your filter that will fight against phosphate levels. This measures at 25.4cm x 45.7cm, so provides plenty of surface area to suit most filter systems, and you may get several pieces for smaller filters.

Phosphate Pads are perfect at reducing phosphate levels within your aquarium, which in turn can help to reduce algae levels as well, providing the algae less food to thrive on. This also acts as a phsyical barrier for free-floating particles within the tank.

This PhosPad is suitable for coldwater, tropical and marine use, just cut how you need!

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