Aqua Print Honeycomb Frag Rack Plate Only

Designed by Reef experts to securely hold and display your coral fragments

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  • Designed by Reef enthusiasts for Reef enthusiasts
  • Can be used with strong magnets for easy installation
  • Available in alternative sizes and designs
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What is the Aqua Print Slimline Honeycomb Frag Rack Plate?

Expertly designed by Aqua Print, the premium 3D printed slimline range is home to different sized frag racks. This series is ideal for most medium to large aquarium systems, without taking up too much space inside your fish tank.

Featuring a unique honeycomb design, the holes can be used for installing coral fragments, offering very little shadowing with great upwards flow for SPS. Available in sleek Orange and Black colouration design, each honeycomb hole is sized at approximately 20mm.

You can install the Aqua Print Slimeline Honeycomb Frag Rack Plate with specially designed magnets or suction cup mounts. Aqua Print's Standard Magnets are suitable for glass up to 15mm, whereas their Heavy Duty Magnets are suitable for glass up to 20mm. These products are all sold separately.

How to use the Aqua Print Honeycomb Frag Rack Plate?

Coral fragments can be stored or displayed on theAqua Print Honeycomb Frag Rack Plate. It is recommended to purchase suitable fixtures to securely install the AquaRack Shelf to your Aquarium glass. Standard magnets can be fitted, suitable for usage with glass up to 15mm. Suction cups are also available.

Once installed, you can situate coral fragments onto the frag rack shelf by placing the frags inside each honeycomb shaped hole. Using the frag rack shelf is ideal for new corals, making it much easier to acclimate them to light. Frag racks are adjustable and can be raised or lowered as and when required.

The Aqua Print Slimline Honeycomb Frag Rack Plate can be appreciated for display purposes by gently placing your preferred corals onto it.

Key Features:

  • Aquarium safe material
  • 1cm shelf lip to stop items falling off
  • Expertly designed, 3D printed product
  • Unique colour and aesthetic, premium product

Kindly note: this is a 3D printed product, and therefore may feature small imperfections. This does not detract away from the usage of the product, and is purely cosmetic only.

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