Aqua Print Suction Cup Mounts

Secure fixings to attach your Aqua Print products to your Aquarium

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  • Compatible with the AquaRack range
  • Strong suction cup hold
  • Heavy duty design, suitable for glass aquariums
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What are Aqua Print Suction Cup Mounts?

Expertly designed by Aqua Print, the premium 3D printed Suction Cup Mounts are essential to securely holding your frag racks. Ideal for usage with glass aquarium systems. This Item includes 1 fixing mount, and 1 suction cup. If you're looking to purchase multiple, simply increase the quantity in your basket.

Suitable usage for the Aqua Print Suction Cup Mounts?

Designed to be compatible with the 3D printed Aqua Rack range, the Aqua Print Suction Cup mounts are ideal fixtures, suitable for securing your frag rack to your aquarium glass. Depending on the size of your rack, it is recommended to use up to 3 suction cups, therefore ensuring a strong connection.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with the AquaRack range by Aqua Print
  • Made from aquarium safe material
  • Sleek and slimline design for saving optimal space

Product Specifications:

Product Dimensions
3D Print Mount 40 x 20 x 10mm (LxWxD)<
Suction Cup 30mm diameter
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