Oase AquaActiv Safe & Care

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Oase Safe & Care is a water treatment that turns batches of tap water into pond-safe water, by removing heavy metals and chlorine from the equation, making it a healthy environment for your fish to live in.


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Product Information

Oase AquaMed Safe and Care is the perfect product to remove chlorine and toxic metals from tap water, making it safe for pond fish.

Untreated, chlorinated tap water can cause burns and even death to pond fish. Oase have developed this simple treatment to ensure that the water is fully cleansed. It is also ideal to use after a medication treatment to rid the water of any remaining pollutants.

It works by binding the chlorine and leaving behind just pure water. It also contains a bio-protection colloid which supports the healthy growth of the fish's natural membrane which protects them from infection and stress.

Dosage Instructions: 50ml per 1000litres of pond water.

Key Features:

  • Makes tap water suitable for fish and biotope.
  • Use at every water change
  • Immediately binds chlorine and toxic heavy metals.
  • Bio-protection colloids protect the mucous membrane from injury and infection.
  • Ideal after use of medication.
  • Keep out of the reach of children
  • Suitable for ponds up to max. 10m³

Latest Customer Reviews

  • Rating
    Date 17/08/2021 09:08am
    Oase AquaActiv Safe and Care 500ml
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    Measured ph level of my pond after first use and it was between 8-8.5 which is really safe for fishes and pond plants.
  • Rating
    Date 30/05/2020 10:05am
    Oase AquaActiv Safe and Care 500ml
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    Good product. Oase is a reliable brand for quality
  • Rating
    Date 20/05/2020 07:05am
    Oase AquaActiv Safe and Care 500ml
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    Very necessary. OASE products are best!