Aquarium Systems L'Aquarium 370

A medium-sized aquarium with cabinet and built-in sump

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  • Medium-sized aquarium suitable for marine, tropical, and coldwater set-ups
  • Comes with cabinet, built-in sump and all necessary pipework
  • Total system volume: 370L
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What is this L’Aquarium 370 from Aquarium Systems?

This L’Aquarium 370 one of four aquariums in Aquarium Systems’ L’Aquarium 2.0 Series. All four aquariums in this premium range are made from ultra-clear Super Opti-White Glass and come with a dedicated cabinet, a built-in sump, and all the necessary pipework to create a stunning marine, tropical or coldwater set-up.

What does this L’Aquarium 370 come with?

This L’Aquarium 370 comes with the following:

  • 258 ltr Aquarium – This rimless fish tank is made of 12mm-thick, Super Opti-White Glass that’s both ultra-clear and incredibly strong.
  • Optimised Cabinet – This cabinet’s aluminium frame is designed to support a lot of weight. It’s also made from water-resistant materials and has enough space to accommodate the aquarium’s built-in sump and any other fishkeeping essentials.
  • Adjustable Feet – These sit underneath the cabinet and ensure optimal levelling on uneven surfaces.
  • Built-In Sump – This 100 ltr sump sits inside the aquarium’s cabinet and serves as the heart of its filtration system. It comes with two 200mm filter socks and compartments for other equipment, like pumps, skimmers, and heaters (sold separately).
  • Built-In Weir – This weir has a unique comb design that prevents any fish or large debris from flowing through and blocking the aquarium’s overflow pipe.
  • Rotating Water Outlet – These outlets sit either side of the aquarium’s built-in weir and return water to the aquarium in a way that reduces dead spots
  • Complete Pipework – This aquarium comes with all of the pipework you’ll need to connect the built-in sump to the main display tank. These pipes can be easily accessed from inside the aquarium’s cabinet.
  • Protective Foam Mats – These mats are designed to protect the bases of your built-in sump and aquarium. They have anti-slip and anti-vibration properties.

How does this aquarium’s filtration system work?

This L’Aquarium 370 comes with a built-in sump and weir that, when partnered with a pump (sold separately), forms its XXL Filtration System. This filtration system works by drawing water over the fine-combed weir, down the overflow pipe, and through the filter socks, which strain out any debris and impurities.

It’s then drawn through the sump’s remaining compartments before being pumped through an anti-noise return system and back into the aquarium via the rotating water outlets. You can increase this system’s filtration capacity by adding mechanical and biological media to the empty compartments in the built-in sump.

What else should I buy alongside this aquarium?

These L’Aquarium 2.0 aquariums have been designed to work with Aquarium Systems’ high-tech hardware, with space in the built-in sump for pumps, skimmers, heaters, UV filters, reactors, and even a refugium. They’re also compatible with Aquarium Systems’ Proten LED Lights. These lights are available in varying lengths and either a marine or freshwater model. All of this equipment is sold separately.

While this L’Aquarium 370 comes with most of the things you’ll need to set up a marine, tropical or coldwater fish tank, you may want to pick up a few extra products. If you’re setting up a reef tank, then a bucket of marine salt is a must, as is an efficient heater. You’ll also need a heater if you’re setting up a tropical fish tank.

If you want to create a natural-looking tropical or coldwater fish tank, then consider adding some substrate, hardscape, and plants. These products will not only make your aquarium look like a real underwater world, but also provide a realistic environment for your fish.

*Images for illustration purposes only. Some equipment not to scale. LED light bar not included.


Product Specifications

Aquarium Dimensions 90 x 52 x 55cm
Total System Volume (Aquarium, Sump, and Water Reserve) 370L
Aquarium Volume 258L
Sump Volume 100L
Water Reserve 12L
Total Height (Aquarium and Cabinet) 145cm
Recommended Pump Power 3000 lph
Marine? Yes
Tropical? Yes
Coldwater? Yes
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