Natural Decor

Natural aquarium decor help and advice

The perfect decoration for tanks of all types

Ideal for both fresh water tanks as well as blackwater and even biotope tanks, natural aquarium decor is made from natural components like plants, seeds and leaves. All our natural aquarium decor is made by us so we can guarantee its quality and safety.

What is natural aquarium decor?

Natural decor is a great way to really make your tank stand out, and ideal if you want to create a blackwater tank, or biotope for specific species. All our natural aquarium decor is harvested naturally, completely free of pesticides and aquatic safe for your tank.

Why should I buy natural aquarium decor?

As well as adding an interesting dimension to your tank, some of these have their own added benefit, such as the Catappa Leaves, which help boost fish immune systems. If you're creating a blackwater tank or biotope they're particularly useful as they will biodegrade over time and add to the compost at the bottom of the tank.

What are the main types of natural aquarium decor?

The two types of natural aquarium decor we stock are the pieces designed to decay over a few weeks, like our selection of dried leaves, and those that are designed to last for years at a time, such as our coconut shelters and lotus pods.

What should I look for?

Almost all of our natural decor range will have some effect on your tank's pH, as well as releasing several chemicals into your water, both helpful and harmful to the development of fish. Be very careful and check exactly what each item will do before purchasing it and adding it to your tank.