Background Plants

Background Plants Help and Advice

Add more life and colour to your planted aquarium

Aquarium plants that grow tall are ideal for background aquarium plants. These plants help to fill in your aquascape and add a feeling of fullness to a planted aquarium. Choose from a large selection of aquatic plants from leading manufacturer Tropica.

What are background plants?

Background plants are the larger plants you use in the back of your aquarium - they can create a natural backdrop for your tank as well as a place for your fish to hide.

Why should I buy background plants?

Background plants are great at filling larger sections at the back of your tank. Having live plants in your fish tank is also beneficial to your fish's health by providing oxygen, essential nutrients, and shelter. They are also perfect for covering unsightly pieces of equipment such as heaters or filters. Many grow quickly so will need pruning often.

What are the main types of background plants?

A great background can really define your entire aquarium. At Swell UK, we carry all kinds of fast-growing background aquarium plants that will create depth in your tank. Rotala Rotundifolia will quickly fill up your tank's background and will reward you with tall, lush growth once it gets established.