Tropica Cryptocoryne undulatus 'Red' 1-2-Grow!

Undulated water trumpet live aquarium plant

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  • Vibrant live plant for freshwater aquariums
  • Easy to grow and medium growth rate
  • Pre-portioned 15-30cm plants
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This red version of Cryptocoryne undulata grows wild in the rivers of Sri Lanka. Known by its common name Undulated water trumpet, it is an easy plant, tolerant of very different conditions in an aquarium. The appearance of the plant will partially depend on these conditions.

Low levels of light and nutrients will produce a relatively tall, greenish-brown plant of slow growth. Higher levels of light and nutrition, combined with added CO2, will make the plant grow considerably faster producing shorter leaves of a reddish-brown colour.

Common name Undulated water trumpet
Type Rosulate
Growth rate Medium
Origin Asia
Height 15-30cm+
Light demand Low - 0.5W/L
CO2 demand Low - 0-5mg/L
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