Ammonia Removal Filter Media

Ammonia removal filters help and advice

Protect your fish from toxic ammonia

Ammonia is a highly toxic chemical created by organic waste from plants and fish that needs to be removed from your tank to keep it safe and healthy. One of the easiest ways to remove ammonia from your tank is via an ammonia removal filter. Our range of ammonia removal filters features many leading brands, including Fluval, Seacham and Marina.

What are ammonia removal filters?

Ammonia removal filters react with ammonia and either neutralise or remove it completely from the water within a tank so that it cannot endanger the fish within it. If left unchecked or if the aquarium's filtration system is not biologically active enough, ammonia levels can spike and thus have devastating effects on the tank's inhabitants. Consequently, the use of an ammonia removal filter is vital. Ammonia removal filters either fit into your filter like any other filter media or are added to the water.

Why should I buy ammonia removal filters?

Ammonia removal filters protect your fish from toxins that can be potentially fatal, if you don't have another ammonia removal solution (like a water treatment kit) you will need an ammonia removal filter. Ammonia filters are relatively inexpensive and can either sit inside your filter or be added to the tank itself.

What are the main types of ammonia removal filters?

We sell two types of ammonia filters, ones that sit inside the filtration system and others that can be added to the main tank. The ammonia filters that sit inside your filtration system are sheets of filtration media that fit in like any other filter media. Ammonia removal filters that can be added to the main tank can either be a block or a set of specially treated substrate, like gravel, that sits in the water and filters out the ammonia that passes through it.

What should I look for?

Many of our ammonia removal filters are designed to fit in a specific filtration system, such as our ammonia remover resin-infused pads which are designed for specific Fluval tanks. Ensure that the removal you choose is right for your tank and filtration system and can handle the volume of water in your tank or being passed through your filtration system - most products have a recommended upper and lower limit to give you a good idea if they are right for your tank.