Marina Internal Filter Replacement Cartridge

Maintain Marina Internal Filters with Aquarium Ammonia Removers

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  • Replacement filter media for Marina Internal Filters
  • Removes toxic ammonia and removes pollutants
  • A range of sizes to suit all Marina filters
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What is a Marina Internal Filter Replacement Cartridge?

Marina Replacement Cartridges are specially designed filter cartridges that act as replacement filter cartridges for Marina i25, i110 and i1160 filters. They have a unique design with a very quick delivery method where unfiltered water enters the two-chamber cartridge rapidly.

Water first passes through the zeolite chamber, to eliminate toxic ammonia. Then the water enters the activated carbon chamber, where the carbon removes pollutants and odours. Finally, the water then flows through the floss layer, which traps dirt and debris.

This unique flow of water results in crystal clear water. The outside of the replacement power cartridge features polyester foam to trap fine particles; while the inside chambers contain carbon to remove pollutants and odours; and zeolite to eliminate toxic ammonia for a cleaner, healthier aquarium environment and crystal clear water.

How often should I replace the filter in my Marina Filter Cartridge?

For best results, we recommend replacing your Marina Filter Cartridge every 4 weeks. It's also important you buy the correct cartridge, as the Marina i25 replacement cartridge is only suitable for the i25 internal filter while the i110/i160 Replacement Cartridges are suitable for both i110 and i160 filters.

Please note: The i160 filter has two cartridge slots, do not replace both cartridges at the same time to ensure constant presence of beneficial bacteria. You do not need to do this for the Marina i25 replacement power cartridge or when adding a replacement cartridge to the i110.



Brand Marina
Pack type 2 pack


Product SKU Suitable for
Marina i25 Replacement Cartridges A134 Marina i25 filter
Marina i110/i160 Replacement Cartridges A308 Marina i110 filter and Marina i160 filter
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