External Fish Tank Filters

External aquarium filters help and advice

More tank space and improved filtration

There are numerous benefits to having an external fish tank filter. External filters are popular with many aquarists because they allow more space in your tank and finer filtration - producing clearer water. Our wide selection of external filters includes top brands like Aqua One, JBL, Oase and Fluval.

What are external aquarium filters?

External aquarium filters sit outside of the tank and pump water in and out along thin hoselines. They also allow more room for filter media, creating better filtration. They often have several chambers for filter media, which means that the water is forced through multiple stages of filtration. This ensures the best possible results and sparkling clean water. Many are even designed to run quietly, so you can use them in living rooms or bedrooms with minimum disruption.

Why should I buy external aquarium filters?

External aquarium filters free up space in your aquarium, offer better filtration and are whisper quiet. Set up is a little tougher than with an internal filter but once the hoselines are secure you can enjoy crystal clear water. If you have an aquarium equipped with a cabinet, the filter can be hidden inside the cabinet, making it even quieter as well as enhancing the beauty of the tank.

What are the main types of external aquarium filters?

The biggest differences in the external aquarium filters range are between the number of filtration chambers, the amount of water each filter can process and the power the unit requires. More chambers will create clearer water and faster, more powerful filtration will be better suited to larger tanks but both will cost more than smaller, less complex units.

What should I look for?

When shopping for an external aquarium filter, it's important to ensure that the filter can handle the volume of water in your tank, most filters will have a recommended upper and lower limit to give you an indication of whether the product is right for you. It's also worth checking that the filter is suited to the type of tank you're building as some can only handle freshwater or marine tanks while others can handle both. Finally, ensure you have everything you need to set up your filter successfully, including hoselines, filter media and other accessories.