Filter Spares & Accessories

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Filter spares and accessories help and advice

Everything you need for your aquarium filter

Ensure you have everything you need to set up either an internal or external filter with our range of filter spares and accessories. We have a wide selection of filter spares and accessories from top brands including Eheim, Fluval and Oase.

What are filter spares and accessories?

Filter spares and accessories make up everything from hoselines and tubing to replacement filter foam and even junctions. These are essential for setting up your filter and ensuring that your filtration system is tailored to the needs of your aquarium.

Why should I buy filter spares and accessories?

With filter spares and accessories, you can ensure that your filter is in tip-top shape by replacing components like filter media that can degrade over time. By doing this you can ensure your water is always clean and safe for your fish.

What are the main types of filter spares and accessories?

We stock a wide range of filter spares and accessories including tubing, power diffusers, outlet pipes, elbow connectors, inlet strainers, installation sets, intake pipes, taps, suction cups, tee junctions, spray bars, filter foam and filter bags. Each one has its own uses but by combining them with a filter you'll be able to create any filtration system you need

What should I look for?

Plan out your filtration system, by working out the system you'll quickly be able to make a list of the spares and accessories you will need and buy them in one bulk order, instead of having to wait for vital parts once you've already started to assemble your tank.