Marine Fish Tanks & Saltwater Aquariums

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Marine fish tanks help and advice

Create your very own oceanic aquarium

We offer a fantastic selection of marine saltwater fish tanks which are tailored specifically to house salt water fish, coral and anemone, showcasing all of their natural beauty and vibrancy. Our marine fish tanks range are available in a variety of contemporary, modern styles making them an eloquent addition to any home.

What is a marine fish tank?

Marine fish tanks are perfect for a wide range of salt water fish from Tangs to Fire Fish. They range in size from fairly small tanks, that will take up the same space as a fish bowl and are suitable for small oceanic species like Ocellaris Clownfish, to the largest tanks we stock, perfect for creating impressive aquascapes and homing anything as big as the Black Banded Cat Shark.

Why should I buy a marine fish tank?

If you want to create a living environment with coral, anemones and a wide variety of fish, a marine fish tank might be for you. Marine fish tanks are the most complicated tanks to run but they can also be the most rewarding as they can feature incredible species like Antennata Lionfish, Porcupine Puffers and Clownfish. Many models in our range of marine tanks come with complimentary extras like water treatments and food as well as kits for creating a suitable fish stand, filter and more.

What are the main types of marine fish tanks?

Size is the biggest factor in any marine fish tank, it's so important to pair the size of the fish you want to home with the size of the tank you'll place them in as they can quickly become distressed and unhealthy in an ill-fitted tank. The other factor is whether or not the tank comes with a stand - even if your tank doesn't come with a stand included, you will still need to purchase one to ensure the stability and safety of your tank.

What should I look for?

Marine aquariums require a lot of planning and care, ensure that you have completely planned out your aquarium and how you are going to aquascape it before committing to a specific size of tank. You should also check what is included in the marine fish tank kit you are buying and ensure you pick up any filters, lighting or water treatments you'll require with your tank.