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Red Sea Max Nano Peninsula

All-in-one marine fish tank that creates a thriving coral reef

At a glance...
  • 100 litre rimless glass aquarium with matching cabinet
  • Skimmer, sump, mechanical filter media and LED lighting
  • Available in black and white finishes
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Red Sea Max Nano Peninsula is an all-in-one plug-and-play reef system for novice and seasoned aquarists.

What is Red Sea Max Nano Peninsula?

Red Sea Max Nano Peninsula is a rimless marine aquarium with a stylish cabinet in a black or white finish that fits seamlessly into your existing home decor. Available with LED reef lighting, this 100-litre aquarium offers extra depth that keeps the reef compact but adds more display space for your corals. Ideal for novice and advanced reefers interested in a tank that won’t consume too much space, Max Nano Peninsula reef aquarium is fully equipped with everything needed to sustain your reef aquarium including a complete filtration system. Every piece of equipment is REEF-SPEC meaning it complies with Red Sea’s specifications for optimal coral growth in an artificial reef environment.

Red Sea Max Nano Peninsula has a rimless design and is made from 8mm ultra-clear glass which provides an outstanding viewing experience. This marine fish tank can be placed on any flat surface and comes with a marine spec cabinet that follows the contour of the glass tank. The cabinet features a waterproof epoxy-painted door with soft close stainless steel hinges.

What REEF SPEC light comes with this nano tank?

This marine fish tank comes with the ReefLED 50 light to ensure optimal coral growth and colouration. This LED light has a light intensity and spectrum that is utilised by corals. The ReefLED 50 has a Moonlight channel to provide love levels of light for reef-safe nighttime viewing. The unit is firmly bolted to the aquarium and can be rotated for easy access to the rear sump which makes reef scaping plus maintenance a breeze. The ReefLED 50 features built-in WiFi that connects it to the ReefBeat app allowing you to control your aquarium lighting with your smartphone.

Does the Max Nano Peninsula come with a pump?

Yes, when it comes to water management, a 950 lph return pump returns the entire water volume. Water initially flows through a nano skimmer that enables highly effective filtration of large waste particles from the aquarium water by ensuring that only water from the aquarium surface is passed to the rear filtration compartment, directly into the removable 225-micron filter sock.

It is then further filtered by a virtually silent REEF-SPEC nano protein skimmer that efficiently removes organic waste from the water. The water then passes through a bubble trap sponge and dedicated media chamber for additional chemical filtration with Red Sea’s REEF-SPEC Carbon. Finally, it’s pushed by the return pump back into your aquarium via a multidirectional eyeball nozzle that ensures there are no stagnant spots within your tank. A constant water level is maintained via a built-in automatic top-off unit. This is sufficient for approximately 3 days of evaporation.

Both the circulation and skimmer pumps have a built-in power centre with easy-to-locate on/off switches allowing you to prevent food from going to waste when feeding your fish and corals. Additionally, it enables easy access to maintenance.

Display tank dimensions L:45 x H:45 x W:58.5cm
Total system height 132 cm
Total system water volume 100 l
Display tank volume 87 l
Ultra-clear front glass 8 mm
Ultra-clear side glass 8 mm
Bottom glass 8 mm
Cabinet included Yes
LED lighting ReefLED 50
Colour White, black
Palletised delivery Yes
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