Red Sea Reefer 750 G2+

Extra-large reef tank to create a thriving coral reef

At a glance...
  • 750 litre rimless glass aquarium and matching cabinet
  • Skimmer, split-sump and pipework included
  • 180 x 60 x 65cm display tank, 148cm total system height
This will be the centrepiece of any reefer’s collection, a huge reef tank full of all the latest reefing technology, superb.

What is the Red Sea Reefer 750?

The Red Sea Reefer 750 is an extra-large marine aquarium with plenty of room for a large and vibrant reef aquascape. It features a display tank water volume of 602l and a cabinet sump water volume of 150l for an overall system that will look amazing. The tank features a surface skimmer, integrated automatic top-up and dual return pump outlets to give you everything you need for fantastic reef systems.

The Red Sea Reefer 750 can be bought in either black or white and paired with two different lighting kits.

What are the features of this marine fish tank?

Like all of the Reefer reef-ready systems, this marine tank has a wide range of features to make tank maintenance and usage easier including:

  • Rimless Ultra-Clear Glass - The ultra-clear glass aquarium tank is made from specialist glass that offers a clearer view of the dramatic coral colouration within your reef. This glass has a much high glass thickness than glass found in many reef aquariums, better protecting your reef against cracks and leaks.
  • Extra Fortified Plywood Marine Spec Cabinet - The aquarium sits on a reinforced plywood marine spec laminated cabinet that has been specially designed with aluminium supports to hold the weight of the display tank as well as conceal the skimmer chamber and comprehensive water management system within it.
  • Surface Skimmer With Dual Return Outlets - The centrally-located overflow box sits in the middle of the rear of the tank, discreetly taking water out and through the regulated down-flow system into the sum. It will then replace the water, and any top-ups needed, via two return outlets that are built into the skimmer for better water distribution and stable water flow, free from air bubbles.
  • Professional Reef-Spec Sump - The sump itself features two chambers, space for Red Sea hardware (including the ReefMat) and an adjustable height skimmer chamber with a built-in bubble stripping cascade to prevent air from travelling back into your aquarium water.
  • Chiller and Hardware Chamber - There is a built-in chamber designed to hold a chiller or other aquarium hardware you wish to add so you can really create your ideal setup.

What’s included in the LED lighting kit?

The LED lighting kits that you can buy with the Red Sea Reefer 750 are the 4 x RL 90 and mount arms or the 3 x RL 160 and mount arms. Each kit contains different hardware and offers different benefits. These lighting kits are compatible with Red Sea's dedicated ReefBeat app that incorporates all of your reef keeping equipment into a single, easy-to-use system.

  • 4 x RL 90 and mounting arms - This kit uses four of Red Sea's second most powerful reef LEDs to offer complete coverage of your tank. Each light is suspended on its own mounting arm designed for stability and security.
  • 3 x RL 160 and mounting arms - This kit uses three of Red Sea's most powerful reef LEDs to flood your tank in essential light. Each light is suspended on its own mounting arm designed for stability and security.

What is the difference between the G2 and G2+ Red Sea Range?

The G2+ models have a new and improved water management system called the Red Sea ReefATO+, which is a game-changer for maintaining the water quality in your tank. Additionally, these tanks come with extra fortified cabinets, which means they are even sturdier and can hold more weight than the older G2 models. The G2+ line is also ReefMat ready, which is great for anyone who wants to customize their sumps. And finally, they come with a 5-year extended warranty plan, which gives you peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected.



Display tank dimensions L:180 x H:60 x W:65cm
Total system height 148cm
Total system water volume 750l
Display tank volume 602l
In cabinet sump water volume 150l
Ultra-clear front glass 19mm
Ultra-clear side glass 19mm
Cabinet included Yes
LED lighting Optional
Guarantee 5 years
Palletised delivery Yes


Model Colour Lighting Kit
R42271G2P-GBR Black None
R42272G2P-GBR White None
R42273G2P-GBR Black 4 X RL 90 & Mount arms
R42274G2P-GBR White 4 X RL 90 & Mount arms
R42277G2P-GBR Black 3 X RL 160 & Mount arms
R42278G2P-GBR White 3 X RL 160 & Mount arms
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