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Help and advice on shopping for: Accessory Packs

The little extras you need for your aquarium

Accessory packs are all the small extras and helpful spare parts offered by various fish tank suppliers. Our range of accessory packs includes products from top brands like BiOrb, Seneye and TMC.

What are accessory packs?

Our range of accessory packs is made up of a diverse collection of replacement cables, remote controls, leak detectors and charging kits. If you have lost a part of your aquarium hardware, you may be able to find it here to ensure your device is working as intended.

Why should I buy accessory packs?

If you've lost a part, it's easy to see why it would need to be replaced. However, the other reason to buy accessory packs is to insure yourself against losing or needing parts in the future. Most of our accessory packs are relatively inexpensive and ensure that you'll always have a spare or additional part if you need it.

What are the main types of accessory packs?

In our accessory pack range, you will find replacement remote controls, leak detectors, USB extensions, USB power adaptors, acclimation kits and charging kits. Replacement remote controls can be used as an alternative to a remote control if it is lost. Leak detectors send immediate alerts to you via text or email as soon as a leak is detected so you can ensure the safety of your aquarium. USB extensions create a waterproof extension for USB power cables. USB power adapters allow you to plug USB power cables into mains plugs. Acclimation kits contain everything needed to gently acclimate livestock to a new tank. Finally, charging kits contain everything needed to charge up a compatible piece of hardware.

What should I look for?

The important thing to look at with all accessory packs is compatibility. Most of the accessory packs we stock are designed to be used with one piece of hardware or a particular range of hardware. Ensure that your hardware is compatible with your accessory pack and vice versa to avoid disappointment.