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TMC AquaHabitats Acclimation Kit

Keep fish safe and healthy during acclimation

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  • Drip acclimation kit for adding new livestock to your aquarium
  • Includes siphon, connecting pipe, tubing, valve, treatment and clips
  • A great way to minimise stress when adding livestock
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Acclimation Kit Simple yet professional drip acclimation kit providing the necessary components to gently acclimate new livestock to the water parameters of your home aquarium

  • Siphon Starter & Water Flow Indicator Chamber - allows the water siphon to be started quickly and efficiently whilst also providing a good visual indicator of water flow from the aquarium to your acclimation container.
  • Rigid Plastic Connecting Pipe - fits over the side of the aquarium to allow simple and secure installation.
  • Flexible Tubing plus Securing Suction Cup Clip
  • Water Control Valve - easy one-hand operation allowing you to accurately control the amount and rate at which your aquarium water is transferred to your acclimation container.
  • 10ml Tropic Marin PRO-TECT - helps to increase immunity, reduce stress and keep water chemistry stable.
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