PH Test Kit

pH Test Kits Help and Advice

Regulate pH levels and see your tank thrive

The pH levels in your aquarium can fluctuate, and this can cause problems as a result of either overly alkaline or acidic water which can be extremely harmful to both your fish and aquarium plants. At Swell UK, we stock a great range of pH test kits from trusted brands including API, JBL and Red Sea.

What are pH test kits?

The pH of water cannot be guessed by looking at it, as both acid and alkaline water can be totally colourless. A pH test kit is necessary to test pH, especially if you intend to lower it, as water with a pH that is too low can be dangerous, even for low pH loving fish.

Why might I buy pH test kits?

Monitoring the pH level in your aquarium is vital to ensure that the water conditions are just right for healthy plants and fish. If pH levels spike or fall rapidly, fish can become stressed and susceptible to diseases. Fluctuations in the pH level are definitely to be avoided.

What are the main types of pH test kits?

At Swell UK, we carry a variety of test kits to suit your freshwater and marine aquariums. You can find test strips that you simply pop into the tank and compare against a colour chart to drops that test the pH level in your aquarium between the ranges of 3.0 and 10.0. Seachem pH Alert is a quick and easy colour wheel pH testing kit for use with freshwater aquariums. The reversible colour chart shifts according to the pH level within the aquarium, ensuring you are always 'in the know' about the pH in your tank.