AquaVitro Spring Shears

Premium shears ideal for regular maintenance of your aquatic plants

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  • Surgical quality
  • Ideal for regular maintenance
  • Great for smaller leaves or soft corals
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What are AquaVitro Spring Shears?

The AquaVitro Spring Shears are premium shears that are ideal for regular maintenance of your aquatic plants and are perfect for trimming the smaller leaves and stems.

What are the benefits of these shears?

  • Perfect for trimming grasses closer to the aquarium bed
  • Can be used to trim soft corals with ease in your marine aquarium
  • Ideal for small or nanosystems when larger tools would be too difficult to use
  • Available in straight or curved variants

In a marine tank, the AquaVitro Spring Shears would be ideal for trimming your soft corals to maintain their shape, and spacing or to produce frags.

They are particularly useful in systems that are considered small or nano where the use of larger tools would be more difficult to manoeuvre and utilise.

They are available in a straight or curved variation meaning you can choose the one ideal for your situation and aquarium. The straight shears allow for a perfectly straight cut whereas the curved shears make it easier to get the right angle when cutting plants such as moss or stem plants.

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