Blagdon products

Functional and easy to maintain, their Force Hybrid pumps are used all over the UK and Europe in garden ponds as a way to power filtration systems and as water features. Unlike some ranges that simply rely on the functional aspects of pond care, Blagdon go further and have created a range to enhance your pond’s beauty too, with underwater lighting and sculpted water features to give your garden either a classical or modern edge.

Their range of pond treatments are available from Swell UK too, helping treat even the worst cases of blanket weed and green water, allowing you to get the best out of your pond’s visual dynamics with less fuss and less expense.

From switchboxes to pipework, filters and fountains, you can easily build an entire pond system using Blagdon pond equipment and be happy with the results, especially when you use Swell UK as your retailer. We put effort into keeping our prices at their very best, and our customer service and advice team have become Blagdon experts themselves, able to help you setup your new kit using simple instructions created from personal experience.

So take a look at this impressive range, and don’t forget to check out the much celebrated Blagdon Affinity series of pre-built ponds – they may just change the way your think about your outdoor fish keeping!