Blagdon Minipond UV Pond Filter System

A compact and complete pond box filter

At a glance...
  • Gravity fed UV pond box filter system
  • Ideal for small and medium ponds
  • A range of models to choose from
Excellent quick service and good price too.

What is the Blagdon Minipond UV Pond Filter System?

The Blagdon Minipond UV Pond Filter System is one of the most popular types of pond filters on the market. These gravity-fed box filters feature multi-stage filtration to combat green water algae, fine waste particles and chemical pollutants leaving a clean and healthy environment for your pond fish. The filter features a powerful UV light and graded foam filter pads to clump algae together and then remove it from your pond water. This filter comes in two sizes, the Minipond 9000 and the Minipond 12000, to suit a wide range of ponds.

What is included with the filter?

In the filter, you will get a UV clarifier, 5W in the Minipond 9000 and 9W in the Minipond 12000, as well as a series of filter pads. The filter pads are made from replaceable polymer wool pads and come in a range of densities to create a multi-stage filter process. Crystal clear water is guaranteed by the carbon-impregnated pad that reacts chemically with the harmful toxins and impurities within the water to remove them. There is space left in the filter for loose filter media, such as ceramic biological filter media

Do I need to buy a pump with this filter box?

Yes, the minipond filters don't come with a pond pump so you will need to attach them to suitable pond pumps to move water through the box. We recommend pairing the Minipond 9000 with a pond that offers a 2500lph flow rate and pairing the Minipond 12000 with a pump that boasts a 3000lph. With the right pump and filter combination, you can rest assured that you will have a healthy pond in no time.

What does a box filter do?

Box filters, like the Minipond, are the most common types of pond filters as they use little energy and require minimum maintenance. They work by forcing water through several layers of foam, which strains out any impurities and waste. If you ever notice the output from the filter looking a little dirty, you can simply remove the filters, squeeze them out and rinse them in a bucket of pond water.



Model Minipond 9000 Minipond 12000
Guarantee 3 Years 3 Years
Dimensions H:39cm x W:23cm x L:30cm H:37.5cm x W:24cm x L:32cm
Max Flow Rate 2,550lph / 557gph 3,000lph / 660gph
Max Pond Size 9,000ltrs 12,000ltrs
Inlet Pipe Size 25mm 25mm
Outlet Pipe Size 38mm 38mm
UVC Bulb 5W 9W

Pond Capacity

Model Minipond 9000 Minipond 12000
Over 75cm deep without fish in shade 9,000ltrs / 1,980gal 12,000ltrs / 2,640gal
Over 75cm deep with fish in shade 4,500ltrs / 990gal 6,000ltrs / 1,320gal
Under 75cm deep with fish in shade 3,375ltrs / 742gal 4,500ltrs / 990gal
Over 75cm deep with fish in full sun 3,375ltrs / 742gal 4,500ltrs / 990gal
Under 75cm deep with fish in full sun 2,530ltrs / 557gal 3,375ltrs / 742gal
Under 75cm deep with koi in full sun 1,265ltrs / 278gal 1,685ltrs / 371gal
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