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Swell Ceramic Bio Media (Aquarium)

Low maintenance biological filter media for aquariums

At a glance...
  • Low maintenance biological filter media
  • Perfect for aquariums
  • Large surface area encourages bacteria to congregate
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What is Swell Ceramic Bio Media Aquarium?

Swell Ceramic Bio Media is a very porous biological filter media with an extremely large surface area that encourages beneficial bacteria to congregate. Unlike all the ceramic rings on the market, this media features lots of cracks and crevices to harbour beneficial bacteria. It is among the best ceramic media for aquariums and is low maintenance. With ceramic bio media, a fish keeper can remove the waste produced by uneaten food that leads to cloudy water.

How does biological filtration work?

There are three types of filtration within an aquarium filter; mechanical filtration, chemical filtration and biological filtration. Mechanical filtration is the physical filtration of large chunks of waste, often through filter foam. Chemical filtration uses chemical reactions to remove waste from the water by passing it through reactive chemicals, like carbon. Biological filtration uses colonies of bacteria that feed on the waste matter to purify water. These beneficial bacteria colonies develop quickly on ceramic bio media. 

What are the benefits of Swell Ceramic Bio Media Aquarium?

Swell Ceramic Bio Media has many benefits including a very porous surface which allows a much higher flow rate through your fish tank filter, unlike some media which will slow it down as it becomes clogged very easily. The porous surface also means it is ideal for large filter bacteria to colonise. Ceramic media is considered better than plastic filter media as it holds up to 10 times more bacteria.

How do you use ceramic bio media?

Rinse thoroughly before use and place it within your filter system in a media bag. Take care when handling the ceramic bio media as the pieces can be sharp. The bio media is ideally placed in the space inside external filters as a replacement for foam media, it can also be used as a replacement media for Biorb Aquariums. 

The bio media is great for adding to existing filters and new filters to boost capacity allowing the filter to work at its maximum. It can be used in any external aquarium filter or pond filter, no matter what specific filter model you have. The pieces are around 2-5cm but they can easily be crushed up to fit even the smallest filters.



Brand Swell
Weight 750g
Average rock size 2-5cm
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