Cloverleaf Absolute Wormer

Aquarium fish disease treatment for internal and external worms

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  • An anti-worm treatment for Discus and other aquarium fish
  • Rapidly reduces gut parasite burden on freshwater fish
  • 50g treats 22,700 litres
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Cloverleaf Absolute Aquarium Wormer is a ready-mixed formula used by veterinarians for protection against internal parasites and external worms.

What is Cloverleaf Absolute Wormer?

Cloverleaf Absolute Wormer is a fish disease treatment that’s effective on internal and external worms including anchor worms, camallanus worms, skin flukes and fish lice. With an added pH buffer, Absolute Wormer can be especially beneficial to Discus species due to its ability to eliminate infestations on the skin and gills. Available in a 50g air-tight sealed packet with a 1 ml spoon to make dosing easy, this anti-parasite fish disease treatment treats up to 22,700 litres of water and is an ideal medication for coldwater, tropical and freshwater fish.

What fish can I treat with Absolute Wormer?

Absolute Wormer is an aquarium anti-worm medication that contains flubendzole as the main active ingredient which is a premixed formula to treat coldwater and tropical fish including Discus and livebearers such as Guppies, Mollies and Platy. Gut parasites are most likely to attack these species. To maintain a healthy environment in your fish tank, we recommend treating the water every four weeks. Absolute Wormer is safe to use with aquarium plants and will not harm filter bacteria.

Do not use in aquariums containing invertebrates Sting Rays, Week Old Fish Fry, Shrimp, Snails and other Crustaceans or Molluscs.

When should I use this fish disease treatment?

Cloverleaf Absolute Wormer can be used when your fish start to show signs of the following symptoms:

  • Signs of weight loss although maintaining a healthy appetite
  • Fish may appear lethargic with a loss of colour
  • Fins remain clamped and fish may spend unusual amounts of time at the surface of the water
  • Fish may also be flicking or rubbing off surfaces

Remember to switch off any UV Sterilizers for 48hr after adding this fish medication.


Using the dosing spoon included, add 1 ml per 454 l (100 gallons) of aquarium water. Simply dissolve the required amount of Absolute Wormer into a container of aquarium water, shake vigorously for one minute and then distribute evenly across the aquarium surface.

Take care not to overdose. Overdosing can cause fish fatalities.

Treats 22,700 l / 5000 gallons
Use by Use within 3 months of opening
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