Cloverleaf Absolute Marine Fish Wormer

Marine fish disease treatment for use in saltwater aquariums

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  • An anti-worm medication for marine fish tanks
  • Effective on internal parasites and external flukes
  • Treats 2,270 l, dosing spoon included
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Specifically designed for marine fish, this anti-worm medication comes with a handy dosing spoon to make measuring out Marine Fish Wormer a breeze.

What is Cloverleaf Absolute Marine Fish Wormer?

Cloverleaf Absolute Marine Fish Wormer is an anti-worm medication for fish-only systems or hospital tanks. Used by veterinarians for the protection against internal and external parasites, this marine fish disease treatment rapidly reduces gut parasite burn on fish in saltwater aquariums. Absolute Marine Fish Wormer is also most effective against external skin and gill flukes, fish lice plus internal gut parasites such as hexamita.

Available in a 5g packet with a spoon to make dosing easy, marine fish disease treatment treats up to 2,270 litres of aquarium water. Absolute Marine Fish Wormer is a powdered pro-strength ready mixed formula. We recommend treating at regular intervals to maintain a healthy aquarium environment.

When should I use this marine fish disease treatment?

Cloverleaf Absolute Marine Fish Wormer can be used when your fish start to show signs of the following symptoms:

  • Signs of weight loss although maintaining a healthy appetite
  • Fish may appear lethargic with a loss of colour
  • Fins remain clamped and fish may spend unusual amounts of time at the surface of the water
  • Fish may flick or rub


Using the dosing spoon included, add 0.5 g per 227 l of aquarium water. Simply dissolve the required amount 500ml of aquarium water and stir vigorously for 60 seconds. Distribute evenly throughout the aquarium to maintain a good oxygen supply or place into your sump.

Turn off protein skimmer, ozone and UV sterilisers for a minimum of 2 hours after treating with Cloverleaf Absolute Marine Fish Wormer. Remove absorbent filter media.

Treats 2,270 l / 500 gallons
Use by Use within 3 months of opening
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