Cloverleaf Absolute Aquarium Parasite

Super-effective fish parasite treatment

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  • Pro-strength anti-parasite fish treatment
  • Treats internal and external parasites
  • 1 mg dosing spoon included
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Cloverleaf Absolute Aquarium Parasite maintains a healthy aquarium environment by controlling unwanted parasites and worms.

What is Cloverleaf Absolute Aquarium Parasite?

Cloverleaf Absolute Aquarium Parasite is an anti-parasite fish treatment that’s effective on outbreaks of gill flukes, internal worms, skin flukes, costia, chilodonella, white spot and trichodina. Absolute Aquarium Parasite also eliminated larger parasites like anchor worm, leeches, and fish lice, which can be spotted on the bodies of fish.

Available in a 50g air-tight sealed packet with a 1 mg spoon to make dosing easy, this aquarium fish disease treatment treats up to 1,250 litres of water twice and is safe to use in aquariums that contain tonic salts. Cloverleaf Absolute Aquarium Parasite is not suitable for use with Shrimp, Snails, and other Crustaceans or Molluscs.

What are the benefits of using an anti-parasite fish treatment?

Parasites are generally not visible to the naked eye, making them difficult to diagnose on looks or symptoms alone. These parasites are the ones that are often treated too late so using Absolute Aquarium Parasite treatment for fish disease is beneficial.

Parasites can enter the fish’s gills, causing breathing to become more laboured and the fish will react as if the water is low in oxygen, by hanging at the surface. Check the fish for any signs of white spots, fungus or slime. If its pectoral fins are clamped it can be a sign of disease too. Using an anti-parasite fish treatment like Absolute Parasite will reduce parasite outbreaks with ease plus create a healthy environment in your fish tank.


Using the dosing spoon included, add 1 g per 50 l (11 gallons) / 20g for 1000 l (220 gallons). Simply dissolve the required amount of Absolute Aquarium Parasite into your aquarium water remembering to distribute it evenly. Add on day 1 and 14 repeats on day 28 if a second course is required.

Fish treated with this anti-parasite fish treatment will remain healthy even at low water temperatures, but recovery will take longer.

Treats 1,250 l / 275 gallons twice
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