NT Labs Aquarium Anti-Parasite

Treatment for parasites such as trichodina, costia and oodinium

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  • Anti-parasite treatment rids your fish of parasites
  • Plant and filter safe
  • Suitable for coldwater and tropical aquariums
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Suitable for cold water & tropical aquariums, treatment for parasites such as Trichodina, Costia & Oodinium. NT Labs Anti-Parasite was previously known as Anti-Velvet & Slime

Certain species of parasites such as Trichodina, Costia and Oodinium can cause fish to produce a whitish mucus layer known as velvet or slime disease. Anti-Parasite is a single dose treatment to eradicate these protozoan parasites.

Pack Size: 100ml

100ml treats 500 Litres/110 Gallons.

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