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D&D Aqua-Pro Freshwater 600 Aquarium and Cabinet

A modern medium cabinet and 167 litre aquarium combination

At a glance...
  • Modern 167l aquarium and cabinet for freshwater aquariums
  • Features cut-outs for cables, foam base and removable hood
  • A range of colours available
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Aqua-Pro Freshwater has many distinguishing features including modern design, built-in twin LED lighting, neat black silicone and removable hood and light flaps. Neat rear cut-outs enable filter pipework and heater and light cables, to pass through neatly and discretely, while the premium fish tank height improves the vista.

Other equipment is deliberately left out, so that the owner can equip with their own choice of filtration and heating to perfectly suit their type of fish and budget.

Every Aqua-Pro Freshwater cabinet comes to you pre-assembled by skilled craftsmen, and silicone sealed to prevent water ingress. Complete with both push-open and soft close doors, Aqua-Pro Freshwatercabinets come with quick release, triple adjustable door hinges, and in 11 colours to match your surroundings. The cabinet range includes some of the highest quality finishes available. Choose from modern, minimalist or rustic, matt or gloss, colourful or cutting edge. The choice is yours.

Ready for easy assembly, the aircraft grade frames are supplied with interchangeable cabinet panels that can be fitted in minutes. This means that you can change the colour of your cabinet at any point over the lifetime of your aquarium - you'll never need to buy another aquarium cabinet again.
Our innovative "eazyswap" cabinet panels are available in 11 finishes, and are ready to ship with your Aqua-Pro Reef, Aqua-Pro Aquascaper or Aqua-Pro Freshwater aquarium.

LED lighting supplied: 2 x 10 Watt Natural Sun 535mm (7000K)

Total Volume: 167 Litres (Nett)

Part Length Width Height Specs
600 Aquarium 600mm 500mm 650mm
  • 8mm Ultra Clear glass
  • Clear silicone
  • Cut-outs for pipework and cables
  • Foam base mat pre-fitted
  • Slimline, removable hood
  • Matching colour trim
600 Cabinet 600mm 600mm 900mm
  • 12 colours
  • 1 doors
  • Soft close, push open
  • Silicone sealed
  • Pre-assembled


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