Easy Life Fluid Filter Medium

Improve the quality of your aquarium water easily

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  • Natural water conditioner to enhance aquarium health
  • Designed to be used in both freshwater and marine aquariums
  • A range of sizes to stock up on
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Fluid Filter Medium is a super versatile water treatment product, that can be used to make water crystal clear, stimulate plant growth, prevent infections and effectively solve a wide range of freshwater and saltwater problems - it's the one you need!

All that, and this is also made from 100% natural products and extremely safe to use, including in planted aquariums, Discus systems and with Malawi and Tanganjika Cichlids. This will help to stimulate colours, encourage better feeding, breeding and also boost immune systems, even for the most sensitive of fish.

Easy Life absorbs unwanted elements, improving the water quality and helping to stabilise it, whilst also providing a fertiliser for live plants with essential minerals and trace elements. This will help to remove heavy metals, such as Copper and Zinc, as well as other harmful compounds or nasty odours. All whilst UVs can be left on!

Dosage -

  • First Time Use - 10ml per 30l
  • Monthly Maintenance - 10ml per 30l
  • Water Change - 10ml per 30l changed water
  • Small problems (stress, fish colouration, etc) - 10ml per 15l, repeated after 24hrs if needed
  • Serious problems (bacterial infections, skin damage, quarantine) - 10ml per 10l, repeated after 24hrs if needed

When using, ensure to shake the bottle very well, and use the product immediately. You will get cloudy water after use, showing that its' working, which will clear up - the more contaminants in the water, the longer this will take, so if it takes a long time to clear, it would be worth dosing more regularly. Usual time is around 4 - 16hrs.

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