Easy Life Catappa-X

All of the benefits of catappa leaves without the mess

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  • Chemical treatment to enhance fish growth and colour
  • Catappa leaves active ingredient
  • 10ml of solution will treat 100l of water
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The Catappa X from Easy Life provides you with all the benefits of Catappa leaves, and is safe for use with fish and shrimp.

Catappa leaves release a healing substance when immersed in water, but over time they disolve. This liquid form ensures that you can provide this same benefit in a quick and easy dose, whilst still harnessing this natural feature. This won't dissolve, add organic matter or discolour your water, but it will lower the bacterial count and greatly reduce the chance of disease.

Catappa-X provides fish and shrimp with more vibrant colours, as well as improving the general health of the aquarium inhabitants. This should be dosed at 10ml per 100l of aquarium water, each week.

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