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Evolution Aqua Eazy Pod Air

A fantastic choice of pond filter and oxygenator

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  • Outstanding pond filter and oxygenator pump
  • Offers both mechanical and biological filtration
  • A range of colours available
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Nexus Eazy Pod is a biological and mechanical filter from your pond, it features a simple yet innovative design. It uses a perforated metal screen to drag larger solid particles from your pond water, immediately increasing the clarity of the water itself. The central chamber of the Eazy Pod contains K1 Biological media, a perfect home for large cultures of beneficial pond bacteria which helps to break down the toxins and bio-waste created by the life in your pond.

You can create a more complete system for your pond by opting for the Eazy Pod Air, which includes the Evolution Aqua Airtech 70 Airpump, helping to aerate the water in your pond, providing a more oxygen-rich environment for your fish and helping the bacteria in the filter do its' job. Alternatively you can choose from any of the other Evolution Aqua Air Pumps.

Nexus Eazy Pod is the complete mechanical and biological filter system for garden ponds up to 20,000 litres or koi ponds up to 10,000 litres.

The Eazy Pod is very easy to install and maintain and it produces incredibly clear water when installed with a UVC. The filter has an easy cleaning cycle with no need to get your hands wet/dirty.

Key Features:

  • Comes complete with adjustable rubber connectors and accepts all pipework up to 3 inches.
  • Works well as a pump or gravity-fed system.
  • Ideal on a quarantine pond, as a pre-filter, polisher or on a skimmer line.
  • Very Easy to install.
  • Small Filter - only 23 inches tall AND WIDE (585mm).
  • Gives incredibly 'Gin Clear' water.
  • Max Flow Rate: 10,000 LPH
  • Kaldness K1 Media capacity: 30 Litres
Product Size Pump Size Max Pond Size
Evolution Aqua Eazy Pod Air - Grey (inc 70lpm air pump) 580 x 710 x 585mm (WxLXH) Includes Airtech 70 Lpm 10000 litre koi pond, 20000 mixed pond.
Evolution Aqua Eazy Pod Air - Green (inc 70lpm air pump) 580 x 710 x 585mm (WxLXH) Includes Airtech 70 Lpm 10000 litre koi pond, 20000 mixed pond.

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