Flipper DeepSee Magnified Viewer Lens

Gives you a unique look on the life inside your aquarium

At a glance...
  • Great for underwater photography
  • Uses strong magnets for secure connection
  • Suitable for both glass and acrylic aquariums
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What is the Flipper DeepSee Magnified Viewer Lens?

The Flipper DeepSee Magnified Viewer Lens is an optical-grade magnifying lens designed to attach to an outside surface of your aquarium and offer you a unique look at the aquatic life inside. It uses strong magnets for a secure connection, but it can be easily moved around your aquarium to suit your needs.

The Flipper DeepSee Magnified Viewer Lens is available in three different sizes: 3”, 4”, and 5”. The smallest model, the 3”, has a 4X optical grade, while the 4” and 5” models have a 3X optical grade. These magnifying lenses are also designed to work with Flipper Orange Filter Lenses, which increase visibility in saltwater aquariums with lots of blue light.

What are the key features of the Flipper DeepSee Magnified Viewer Lens?

The Flipper DeepSee Magnified Viewer Lens is awash with fantastic features, including:

  • Strong, magnetic connection
  • Optical-grade magnifying lenses
  • Easily moved around your aquarium
  • Safe for use on both glass and acrylic
  • Can be used on other habitats, like reptile tanks
  • Ideal for underwater photography
  • Great for a close-up view of your animals
  • Helps with early disease detection


Model Optical Grade Focal Range Glass Thickness Suitability Aquarium Size Suitability
DeepSee Magnified Viewer Lens 3" 4X 5-15cm 10mm Nano Tanks <75L
DeepSee Magnified Viewer Lens 4" 3X 7-20cm 16mm 75-200L
DeepSee Magnified Viewer Lens 5" 3X 15-25cm 20mm 200L+
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