Flipper DeepSee Orange Filter Lens

Show off your corals and make their colours pop

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  • Great for coral photography, filters out blue light
  • Available in several sizes
  • Compatible with DeepSee Magnified Viewer Lens
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What is the Flipper DeepSee Orange Filter Lens?

The Flipper DeepSee Orange Filter Lens is a filter lens designed to attach to Flipper’s DeepSee Magnified Viewer Lens. It filters out blue light, offering you a unique look into your aquarium. It’s best used on reef tanks and makes the colours of your corals really pop in the way that nature intended.

The Flipper DeepSee Orange Filter Lens is available in three different sizes to match the three variations of the DeepSee Magnified Viewer Lens. All of these filter lenses enhance magnification and colour optimisation, making them great aids for taking stunning photos of your prized corals.

What are the key features of the Flipper DeepSee Orange Filter Lens?

The Flipper DeepSee Orange Filter Lens is awash with fantastic features, including:

  • Compatible with Flipper’s range of DeepSee Magnified Viewer Lenses
  • Made from optical-grade materials
  • Filter out blue light to make your corals’ colours pop
  • Great for showing off corals and taking stunning photographs


Model Compatible With
DeepSee Orange Filter Lens 3" DeepSee Magnified Viewer Lens 3"
DeepSee Orange Filter Lens 4" DeepSee Magnified Viewer Lens 4"
DeepSee Orange Filter Lens 5" DeepSee Magnified Viewer Lens 5"
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