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Interpet New Aquarium Start Up Kit

Everything you need to create a suitable and healthy environment for fish

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  • New aquarium start-up kit for cycling aquariums
  • Includes test kits to detect common aquarium issues
  • Tapsafe and fast filter treatments to create the ideal water
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When I'm starting a new tank, this is always my first purchase.

What is the Interpet New Aquarium Start Up Kit?

The Interpet New Aquarium Start Up Kit is a comprehensive chemical testing and treatment kit for new aquariums. The kit contains everything a professional fishkeeper needs to maintain their aquarium water, beneficial bacteria for filtration, with instructions that even a first-timer could follow. With this kit, you get both test strips and treatments so you can find out what needs to be done in your tank, treat it and then check that you have created a suitable and healthy environment for your fish without any additional products.

Why should I buy the Interpet New Aquarium Start Up Kit?

It can be really difficult to get aquarium water right before adding your fish, especially if you’re inexperienced. This new aquarium start up kit makes it as easy as possible to take tap water and transform it into an optimal environment where your fish will thrive. This is a very important process as the water treatment neutralises toxins that can cause ill health in aquarium fish. While there are specialist kits that will help you to improve specific aspects of your water, this is a fantastic general kit for a new aquarium that can be added to and expanded over time.

What is included in the Interpet New Aquarium Start Up Kit?

This new aquarium kit includes:

  • 50ml of Bioactive Tapsafe Plus, which will treat tap water to make it habitable for fish.
  • 50ml of Fast Filter Start, which will add beneficial bacteria to your water that will perform microscopic filtration.
  • Five ammonia test strips, to detect the presence of ammonia produced by animal waste.
  • Ten general test strips for Nitrite, Nitrate, pH and water hardness, to check for common water issues.
  • A detailed guide to new aquarium set-up and maintenance throughout the first 28 days of aquarium keeping, including when to add fish and how to tell that your water is safe.

Why do I need to check for the ammonia concentration and pH of my water?

Ammonia is produced by many different waste products from fish and other organisms. However, a high concentration of ammonia can be extremely dangerous and harmful to the health of fish within an aquarium. By testing for it with ammonia test strips, you can ensure the health of your fish. The pH of water needs to be carefully maintained as different fish thrive in water of different acid or alkaline levels, but generally fish like to be in fairly neutral water, with a pH of around 7. Several factors can affect the pH of water in an aquarium, ongoing testing, including testing for the presence of ammonia with ammonia test strips, is the only way to keep on top of it.



Tapsafe included?

Yes, Bioactive Tapsafe Plus 50ml

Fast filter included?

Yes, Fast Filter Start 50ml

Test strips included?

Yes, 5 x ammonia and 10 x Nitrite, Nitrate, pH and water hardness

Guide included?


Suitable aquarium size

Up to 257L

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