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Interpet Treat Disease Away

Broad spectrum general treatment for various fish diseases

At a glance...
  • Treats bacteria, viruses, fungus and parasites
  • Suitable for both coldwater and tropical tanks
  • Ideal when you can't diagnose the disease
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It's so important to keep your fish safe from aquarium nasties and this is the perfect way to do just that.

What is Interpet Treat Disease Away?

Interpet Treat Disease Away is an anti-bacterial aquarium water treatment for freshwater and tropical fish tanks that combats disease-causing bacteria. The treatment is safe to use in an inhabited tank and removes disease organisms like harmful bacteria, fungus and viruses. It can be used as a preventative measure, when you suspect a viral infection or during an outbreak when there are disease-causing organisms present in your aquarium. Interpet Treat Disease Away shouldn’t be used with scaleless fish or invertebrates. This Disease Away 100ml treatment is enough to treat 500ml of water.

Why should I buy Interpet Treat Disease Away?

Disease outbreaks are a constant fear for many aquarium owners and fish keepers. In some cases, a single piece of contaminated material, such as new fish or plants, can wipe out a whole aquarium if a virus, fungus or parasite is left to run rampant. Even if your fish and plants are able to survive disease outbreaks, they can cause stress. Stress makes fish more susceptible to other health issues and can disrupt both growth and breeding. Interpet Treat Disease Away is a great way to protect your fish from these dangerous health problems and limit the damage any disease-causing organisms can cause.

How do I use Interpet Treat Disease Away to treat a disease outbreak?

Interpet Treat Disease Away is simple to apply to your aquarium, keeping disease organisms away. Simply measure out 1ml for every 5l of water within your tank then pour the mixture in. One use a month should be plenty as a preventative and once a week if you are trying to slow a disease outbreak.

Is Interpet Treat Disease Away right for my aquarium?

If you have a tropical or coldwater aquarium with no invertebrates or scaleless fish, Interpet Treat Disease Away is the ideal treatment for your fish tank.



Aquarium size





1ml per 5l


507 Litres

Suitable for

Coldwater and tropical aquariums

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