JBL Pro AquaTest NO3 Nitrate

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JBL's Pro AquaTest NO3 is a quick test to determine the nitrate content in freshwater and marine aquariums. Knowing your nitrate levels allows you to take action if they are too high, saving your tank from ill health. This product replaces JBL's old NO3 Test Set.


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Product Information

JBL's Pro AquaTest NO3 determines the nitrate value for your aquarium, so you can maintain perfect plant growth or recognise possible causes of algae growth in freshwater and marine water.

Nitrate is the end product of mineralisation in the aquarium. Even in relatively high concentrations it is non-toxic for fish, but has an adverse effect on plant growth and the well-being of several fish species. Too high nitrate contents can also promote unwanted algae growth, if phosphate is present in the water as well as nitrate.

Use a suitable nitrate remover to remedy the problem, and keep your tank beautifully healthy and algae free.

The Pro AquaTest NO3 contains a laboratory comparator system. To use, simply fill the glass vials with sample water, add reagents to one vial, place the vials in the holder and read values off the colour chart. Use ideally when setting up a new freshwater or marine aquarium: 1 x weekly.

Box Contains: 1 nitrate test for approx. 40 measurements, incl. 2 reagents, 2 glass vials with screw caps, syringe, dosing spoon, comparator block and colour scale.

Recommended Nitrate Values:

  • Freshwater aquarium (community aquarium): 0-50 mg/l
  • Lake Malawi/Lake Tanganyika aquarium: 0-50 mg/l
  • Plant aquarium with few fish (aquascaping): 10-30 mg/l
  • Marine aquarium: 0-20 mg/l
  • Pond: 0-10 mg/l

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