JBL ProNovo Spirulina Grano

Bring out the beautiful colours of your herbivorous fish

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  • Suitable for all herbivorous aquarium fish
  • Available in 2 granule sizes to suit the size of your fish
  • Very high acceptance rate due to high quality ingredients
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What is JBL ProNovo Spirulina Grano?

JBL ProNovo Spirulina Grano is a sinking algae granule food for all herbivorous aquarium fish. These granules are available in 2 sizes, the small being suitable for fish between 3-10cm in size, and the medium being suitable for fish between 8-20cm in size. This food is great for algae/plant eating aquarium fish, such as livebearers and sucking shrimps. ProNovo Spirulina Grano was found during testing to have a very high acceptance rate among fish, even fussy eaters, making it very likely that your fish will accept and enjoy this food. This recipe is made with natural raw ingredients, and is free from artificial additives, which is key for providing your fish with a healthy meal. The ingredients used in this food are very high quality ingredients, such as spirulina and shrimp, which likely contributes into the high acceptance rate from fish.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for all herbivorous aquarium fish
  • Small for fish 3-10cm in size
  • Medium for fish 8-20cm in size
  • Great for livebearers and sucking shrimps
  • High acceptance rate, even with fussy eaters
  • Made with natural raw ingredients
  • Contains high quality spirulina and shrimp
  • Enhances the colouration of your fish
  • Available in 2 granule sizes
  • Contains a natural source of astaxanthin
  • Easy to digest, supporting health and water quality
  • Reduces chances of swim bladder disorder
  • Easy to feed with
  • Suitable for use with an automatic feeder

What are the benefits of JBL ProNovo Spirulina Grano?

Spirulina is widely known to be great at enhancing the colouration of your fish, with its natural source of astaxanthin that is found in the algae. This ingredient will aid the colour formation of your fish, which is what makes it so popular among ornamental fishkeepers, as it makes your aquarium more eye-catching than ever with more vibrant colours. These granules are also prebiotic, which means it is easy to digest, great for not only supporting the general health of your fish but also for preventing the water quality lowering due to bad digestion, which can cause algae.

Should I feed my fish with granules or flakes?

There are benefits to both food types, but one of the main features of feeding your fish with granules is that, as they are sinking, your fish wont need to gulp at the waters surface for food. If a fish accidentally swallows too much air over a period of time, they can actually develop swim bladder disorder. Feeding your fish with sinking granules prevents the chances of this happening, and is reminiscent of their natural feeding habits, as most fish tend to feed from the lower levels of the water.

What are the feeding recommendations for ProNovo Spirulina Grano?

It is recommended to feed your fish with this food 1-2 times daily, with as much as can be consumed within a few minutes. After this time, it is important to remove any leftover food, to prevent overfeeding and water pollution caused by organic waste. If you have young, growing fish, it may be required to feed them 3-4 times daily in the same way. It is important to make sure the food you are providing for your fish is suitable, especially with regards the size. Most fish cannot bite from food that is larger than their mouths, so it is best to purchase food that fits in their mouths. These granules are available in 2 sizes, the Small being recommended for fish between 3-10cm in size, and the Medium for fish 8-20cm in size. This food is also suitable to be used in an automatic feeder, for when you may be away and unavailable to feed your fish.



Spirulina, Shrimp Meal, Corn Meal, Rice Meal, Yeast Extract, Potato Flakes, Guar Gum, Salmon Meal, Wheat Meal, Soybean Meal, Wheat Germs, Wheat Gluten, Apple Fibre

Analytical Components: Crude Protein 35.0%, Fat Content 5.0%, Crude Fibre 2.0%, Crude Ash 8.0%

Vitamins Per kg: Vitamin A 25000 I.E., Vitamin D3 3000 I.E., Vitamin E 300mg, Vitamin C 200mg

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