Juwel Day LED Tubes

Bright and airy lighting for use in all tanks

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  • Bright white lighting for all aquariums
  • Energy-efficient LED lights with a high colour temperature
  • A variety of sizes to suit all setups
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The Juwel Day LED tubes provide a special light spectrum, with the use of the energy-saving LEDs, that make the most of the natural colours in your animal and plant world.

The energy-saving LED Day light medium with bright, invigorating light, ensures brilliant illumination of the aquarium and promotes plant growth at the same time, with a colour temperature of 9000K, to provide bright and fresh light.

Please note - this is only suitable for MultiLux LED lighting units, and is not compatible with any other T5 light units.

  • Brilliant colour effects
  • Colour temperature of 9000 Kelvin ensures bright and invigorating light
  • Promotes plant growth
  • Compatible with LED Nature
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