Juwel Rio 450 Aquarium and Cabinet White

An outstanding white cabinet and 450 litre aquarium combination

At a glance...
  • Combination aquarium and white cabinet for all aquarium types
  • Includes lighting, filter, media, pump and heater
  • 151 x 51 x 66cm display tank, 146cm total system height
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The Juwel Rio 450 LED is a largest tank in the Juwel Rio Range, with a massive 450 litre tank, complete with everything you need to get started, and stunning matching White cabinet. Packed with features such as an internal filter, pump, heater and fantastic lighting system, you can create and maintain a stunning tropical aquarium.

The Rio 450 LED looks amazing in any large space, with the white cabinet offering a sturdy and durable stand as well as storage. With two large cupboards either side of a central unit, there's more than enough room for all manner of accessories. The stunning white cabinet adds to the feature of the aquarium, and ensures this is a piece of furniture within your home.

As with all of the Rio range, a top quality filtration system is included. In the Rio 450, as the largest tank, Juwel have incorporated the Bioflow XL. An incredibly efficient and powerful filter complete with media to run mechanical, biological and chemical filtration for the best results possible. An Eccoflow 1000 is also included for optimum water circulation, which alongside the filter makes for the most healthy, clean environment.

A powerful and accurate 300w heater is integrated into the pump, essential for tropical fish, the heater is tough and hardy in stature yet sensitive and accurate in process. Which means you can rely on the correct temperature for your tank around the clock.

Brilliant luminosity and excellent plant growth are what you get with the state-of-the-art Multilux LED lighting technology from Juwel. The replaceable Day and Nature LED tubes create an optimum light spectrum, while saving up to 50% of energy in comparison to T5 at the same time. The MultiLux LED lighting system for the Rio 450 LED means that you can work on your aquarium in comfort, even when the lighting is switched on. The ultrasound-sealed light unit is 100 percent waterproof and fulfills the stringent European safety standards. As the largest tanks in the range, the Rio 450 is a grand piece of aquatic furniture that will look fantastic in a big room such as a living room, hall way or conservatory.


  • Rio 450l Aquarium
  • Matching White Cabinet
  • Juwel MultiLux LED light unit.
  • Juwel Bioflow XL Filter
  • Filter Media
  • Juwel Eccoflow 1000 l/h
  • Juwel 300w Heater


  • Aquarium size: 151 x 51 x 66 cm
  • Cabinet size: 151 x 51 x 80 cm
  • Capacity: 450 litres
Palletised delivery Yes
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