NT Labs Koi Care F-M-G Mixture

An anti-parasite and fungus treatment for Koi

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  • Anti-parasite and fungus treatment for Koi
  • A mixture of formaldehyde and malachite green or FMG
  • 10ml treats 364 litres
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FMG Mixture from NT Labs. A mixture of Malachite green and Formaldehyde are the best combination to treat common external parasitic infections or Koi fungus infections.

This combined treatment cuts out the need for separate medications, just one dose for five days builds up the level of treatment for best effect. It kills all swimming and developing ectoparasites, reducing the risk of infection in Koi and other pond fish.

Due to the strength of the treatment it only needs to be applied once. However this means it is dangerous to use in ponds containing sensitive fish such as Sterlet, Tench, Rudd or Orfe.

For these species use NT Labs Anti-Parasite and Fungus, which is a weaker treatment, and must be applied on alternate days for 5 days.

  • 10ml Treats 364ltr
  • Switch off UV untill all the colour of the treatment has gone from your pond.
  • Wait 10 days after the final dose before treating with any other pond medication.
  • If you feel that a repeat dose is necessary, check your diagnosis carefully, a different medication may be more suitable.
  • DO NOT treat with water temperatures below 10 degrees or over 30 degrees.
  • Remove any Carbon or Zeolite from the filter or pond.
  • Top up your filter with live bacteria as treatments damages filter bacteria.
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