Oase DuoBoost

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The Oase DuoBoostis a quick and easy treatment for pond clarity, providing a two phase booster for healthy pond biology.


  • DuoBoost 5cm Ball
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  • DuoBoost 2cm Balls 250ml
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  • DuoBoost 2cm Balls 2.5l
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Product Information

The DuoBoost is available in three pack sizes to suit your pond set up, and works in two phases to provide clarity and healthy water. It contains enzymes and bacteria that remove organic waste, ammonium and nitrite, leaving your pond healthier and clearer.

The gel ball slowly dissolves to release the important trace elements, co-substrates, minerals and other valuable additives directly into your pond, and can be put into the pond filter or just directly into the pond. There is a net bag included with the smaller 2cm balls to prevent fish from eating them, meaning you can place them into the pond with confidence and let them do their work.

DuoBoost can be used to help mature a new pond, or as a helping hand when required, after illness or the addition of new fish, or just as a regular treatment to boost and improve water quality. Phase 1 works with the external fluid containing the enzymes and bacteria, which effectively reduces nitrogen compounds and promotes the degradation of organic pollutants, ammonium, nitrites and nitrates. Phase 2 then kicks in, with the centre of the ball a mineral substance of trace elements, co-substrates, minerals and valuable additives.

The DuoBoost is available in:

  • single 5cm ball - suitable for ponds up to 20,000l
  • 250ml 2cm balls - suitable for ponds up to 30,000l
  • 2.5l 2cm balls - suitable for ponds up to 90,000l

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