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SAVE UP TO £16 on your order - SEE CODES. >

Oase ProfiClear Premium Standing Bed XL

Top-class modular filter system for cleaning ponds up to 530m³

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  • Modular filter system with optimal flow rates of up to 66,000lph
  • Boosts biological filtration in ponds
  • 3-year guarantee
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What is the Oast ProfiClear Premium Standing Bed XL?

The Oase ProfiClear Premium Standing Bed XL is a biological filter module designed to work with Oase ProfiClear Premium XL modular filtration systems. This system can be a pump-fed or gravity-fed system that has an optimal flow rate of up to 66,000lph. The ProfiClear Premium Standing XL is manufactured from high-quality glass fibre reinforced plastic that is extremely resistant to UV and temperature, making it extremely durable.

What are the features of the ProfiClear Premium Standing Bed XL?

This Standing Bed filter module contains a high volume of static ClearWave Blocks filter media, that’s densely structured, providing the largest possible surface area for biological filtration of algae blooms and pollutants in your pond water. This results in cleaner water, fewer algae problems, and healthier, happier fish.

To achieve the best biological filtration results, this XL filter module can be connected to the ProfiClear Premium Moving Bed XL Modules and to the XL Discharge Module via the connection ports on the back of the module. A direct connection is made to the ProfiClear Premium L Moving Bed Module via two large inlet connections on the back of the module.

Additionally, there are air pipe inlets and aeration elements built into the module that enables an Air Pump to be connected to supply oxygen to the ClearWave Blocks media. This is an additional boost for even more water-cleaning filter bacteria activity.

Is this filter system easy to clean?

Yes, the Oase ProfiClear Premium Standing Bed XL features a gate valve for easy maintenance. You simply open the gate valve and the water will quickly drain away. The filter can then be conveniently removed for cleaning and maintenance and then reassembled.

Days To Receive 5
Dimensions L:1330 x W:875 x H:820 mm
Weight 102.00 kg
Guarantee 3 year
Material GRP Duroplast
Number of inlets 2
Inlet connections 108 mm
Number of outlets 2
Outlet connections DN 180
Sludge discharge connections DN 75
Connection to ProfiClear Premium DF-XL gravity OC
Min. flow rate 25,000 lph
Max. flow rate 66,000 lph
Installation height above water level 8.5 cm
Types of use Pump fed system, gravity-fed system
Palletised delivery Yes
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