Oase ProfiClear Pump Chamber - Compact/Classic

Integrates with ProfiClear Premium Compact and Classic gravity-fed systems

At a glance...
  • Ensures the correct positioning of the filter feed pump
  • Optimum flow rates of up to 25,000lph
  • 3-year guarantee

Palletised delivery

Large sizes may be delivered on a pallet for protection in transit.

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What is the Oase ProfiClear Pump Chamber - Compact/Classic?

The Oase ProfiClear Premium Chamber - Compact/Classic is a filter system that can be integrated with both the Classic and Compact gravity-fed models of the Proficlear Premium. Offering optimum flow rates of 25,000lph, it’s designed to be installed 10.5cm above your pond’s water level. The ProfiClear Chamber connects directly to the outlet of the ProfiClear Premium filter module and provides a method to conveniently mount pumps and UVCs. Manufactured from high-quality GRP Duroplast, this chamber comes with easily adapted fittings so can be used on other filtration systems if necessary.

What are the benefits of the ProfiClear Pump Chamber - Compact/Classic?

Easy to maintain, the ProfiClear Pump Chamber offers protection against excessive silt. Any debris that accumulates in the sediment tank will be flushed out via the bottom drain. This filter system offers filtration with a very fast maturing high surface area biological filter all in one compact package. The deep-bed drum mechanically removes all but the finest particles, up to 60 microns, minimising cleaning and maintenance.

As return pumps with isolation valves or wall mount UVCs can be easily installed inside the chamber, there is no need to dry mount return pumps.

Dimensions L:830 x W:665 x H:820mm
Weight 35kg
Guarantee 3 years
Number of sieve elements 2
Material GRP Duroplast/stainless steel
Number of inlets 2
Inlet connections 1 x DN 185 + 2 x DN 110
Outlet connections 1 x 2" / 2 x DN 110
Sludge discharge connections DN 75
Connection to AquaMax Eco Gravity, Bitron Gravity, ProfiClear Classic
Min. flow rate 25000lph
Max. flow rate 25000lph
Installation height above water level 10.5cm
Type of use Pump fed system, gravity fed system
Palletised delivery Yes
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