Ocean Nutrition Atison Betta Spa

Wild almond leaf extract for Betta tanks

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  • Lowers the pH of your water
  • Makes bubble nests stickier
  • Rich in antibacterial properties
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What is Ocean Nutrition Atison Betta Spa?

Ideal for Betta fish, the Ocean Nutrition Atison Betta Pro is a wild almond leaf extract that will bind ammonia in your aquarium. This formula is also designed to lower pH and neutralise the harmful chemicals that could be present in the water, promoting healthier aquatic life.

Key features:

  • Benefits health
  • Lowers pH
  • Promotes spawning
  • User-friendly 125ml bottle for accurate dosing
  • Includes calcium for muscle and bone development
  • Contains humic acids and tannins which have antibacterial properties

What are the benefits of this treatment?

This product is perfect for conditioning your Betta fish, it promotes spawning, activity and colours. Recommended for fish that are kept in small containers or while transporting. It adds essential trace elements to the water while neutralizing the harmful chemicals in the water. This formula is designed to mimic the natural environment of betta fish, and can even assist with water that has less or no filtration or aeration.

What is the recommended dose of this treatment?

The recommended dose is 5ml per 8l of water and is to be used with every water change.

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