Fritz Dark Water

Natural water conditioner with almond leaf extract

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  • Almond leaf extract water treatment to naturally lower pH
  • Treats up to 90 litres
  • Provides a natural source of tannins
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Finding a good dark water treatment has been challenging but Fritz Dark Water stands out as a brilliant option.

What is Fritz Dark Water?

Fritz Dark Water is a treatment that naturally lowers pH and creates Amazon-like conditions. Produced with natural ingredients, Fritz Dark Water is a natural water conditioner that contains tannins from the dried leaves of the Terminalia catappa tree, commonly known as Indian Almond Leaves. With its easy application bottle, it can treat water up to 90 litres.

Why should I use Fritz Dark Water treatment?

Fritz Dark Water Treatment can be used for creating an amazon environment. In the Amazon the water is usually brown in colour which in term makes shy fish feel happier. The pH levels are low in the amazon caused by wood in the water and almond leaves. This dark water treatment allows you to re-create this environment without having to add bogwood in the tank which will over time lose the tannings it releases. This will ensure the correct water parameters are maintained for this type of setup.

What are the benefits of using Fritz Dark Water treatment?

Dark Water almond leaf extract treatment allows you to easily control tannin levels. Tannins create a more natural environment for bettas, shrimp, and other fish. Indian almond leaves contain humic acids and tannins that are known for their antibacterial properties and ability to create blackwater conditions in an aquarium. Besides improving fish health and colours, Fritz Dark Water almond is beneficial for lowering pH levels also.

Is Fritz Dark Water fish safe?

Fritz Dark Water is suitable for all soft-water fish including betta fish, discus, tetras, angelfish, and killifish.



Size 118ml
Treats 90l
Directions and dosage USA

Directions and dosage

To deliver 1 ppm tannin Add 1 tsp (5ml) per one 3.8l or 6 drops per cup (236ml).
To keep concentration consistent Add to new water during water changes. Avoid overdosing.
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