Ocean Nutrition Atison's Betta Pro

The ultimate live-food alternative

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  • Perfect live-food substitute
  • Floating pellets approx 1mm in size
  • All-new colour-enhancing formula! 
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What is Ocean Nutrition Atison Betta Pro?

Ocean Nutrition has formulated the ultimate live-food alternative. Attison Betta Pro is a safer, more reliable and more cost-effective food source. Best of all, Betta’s love it! Designed for Betta breeders, whether you are a professional or serious hobbyist, you will find this food much easier to store and handle. 

Key features:

  • Available in two sizes
  • 1mm pellets
  • Doesn’t cloud water
  • More reliable and safer than live food
  • Easy to store and feed
  • Enhances natural colours
  • Very nutritious
  • Use from months 2-7 of a betta’s life

What are the key features of this product? 

Made up of floating pellets approximately 1mm, this food does not cloud the water. Thanks to its natural attractants, this ensures prompt acceptance where Bettas will be more alert and responsive. The food also enhances the natural colour of the Betta, with its excellent nutritional value - no colourants added. Recommended for growth and conditioning of Betta fish. 

How does this benefit my Betta fish?

Works as part of a stable diet for fry from the start of the second month up to the seventh month. Bettas love this food and prefer it over frozen or freeze-dried foods

How do I use this Betta treatment?

Feed your Betta up to 7 pellets twice per day, depending on the size of the Betta and the temperature of your water. Pellets should be gently placed on the surface of the water.

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