Solvent PVC Pipework

Solvent PVC pipework help and advice

Easy to build pipework

Low-cost and easy to build, solvent PVC pipework is piping that connects together and is sealed with a solvent adhesive. With solvent PVC pipework, you can build any watercourse you can imagine. All of our solvent PVC pipework is designed to be compatible with each other piece of pipework.

What is Solvent PVC Pipework?

Solvent PVC pipework is waterproof and durable pipework designed to be easily assembled into any watercourse. It's similar to the PVC external water piping found on the outside of many homes and is assembled similarly with each piece slotting together and then bonding with a solvent adhesive.

Why should I buy Solvent PVC Pipework?

No matter what watercourse you want to make, solvent PVC pipework is likely to be the quickest and cheapest way to create it. You'll be able to assemble whatever course you have created without any technical skill, making it ideal for both amateur and professional pondkeepers.

What are the main types of Solvent PVC Pipework?

We sell a few different types of solvent PVC pipework at SwellUK. For the most part, the biggest split is between the pipes themselves and the various connections that can be used including elbows, reducers, threaded sockets and valves. By combining elements like a reducer and various valves you can get complete control over both the pressure in your watercourse and where the water is flowing. The pipes can be ordered in different lengths and widths while the connections are generally designed to be used with a specific pipe width.

What features should you look out for when buying Solvent PVC Pipework?

It's really important to design your watercourse before you buy it and ensure that every component will be able to cope with the volume and pressure of water flowing through it. PVC pipework is very strong but under high pressure, it can crack or rupture leading to damage across the whole watercourse.

What accessories should I buy with Solvent PVC Pipework?

PVC pipework can be very complex or simple, depending on the number of valves, connectors and junctions you want to add to your watercourse. We stock plenty of accessories at Swell UK to add to your solvent PVC pipework including various connectors, attachments and even adhesive to bond pieces of pipework together.