Tank and Liner Connectors

Tank and liner connectors help and advice

Create seamless connections

Tank and liner connectors are designed to make inlets and outlets within a liner without causing tears. The connectors create a seamless inlet or outlet that is durable and perfect for connecting your pond to the rest of your watercourse.

What are tank and liner connectors?

A tank and liner connector is made up of two flat doughnut shapes that bolt onto the front and back of a liner (often with a screw socket on the backside to attach to piping). Tank and liner connectors are ideal for connecting to other components within your watercourse, including pumps, filters and even other bodies of water.

Why should I buy tank and liner connectors?

If you want to create an almost invisible connection in the side of your liner with the rest of your watercourse, a tank and liner connector is ideal. It connects to a wider watercourse with a standard pipe connection requiring solvent, so you can be sure that it will handle the same water pressure as the rest of your piping.

What are the main types of tank and liner connectors?

We sell two tank and liner connectors, the biggest difference between the two models is that one is affixed with several metal bolts while the other is a single bolt that screws into place. Both fixture methods are strong and watertight, however, the metal bolts will create a stronger fixture that will last longer.

What features should I look out for?

Ensure that the tank and liner connector you're buying is suitable for the rest of your watercourse. Tank and liner connectors come in different sizes so it's key to ensure that the connector you purchase is the right size to fit with the rest of your piping.