Bio Filter & UV Combi

The Ultra Violet light works by forcing the single cell algae blooms into clumps, which are then removed by the filter. In the warmer months, this is invaluable in the pond keeper's battle against algae.

For larger ponds, especially those containing Koi, extra filtration is needed. The Evolution Aqua EazyPod Complete is ideal for a large Koi pond of up to 10,000 litres (or a Koi free fish pond of 20,000 litres). The large and powerful system sits outside the pond, comes with accessories and even includes an air pump to share oxygen around the pond.

Fishmate have a range of cost effective pond filters that not use UV light to treat the water but also use a multi stage filtration system including mechanical and biological filtration. With a variety of models to suit ponds from 1250 litres (with fish) to 10,000 litres (with fish). We have a range of great combination filters from trusted brands such as Blagdon and Hozelock.

If you need any advice or information when choosing the filter for you, contact our sales team on 0161 351 4700.