Bio Filter & UV Combi

Bio Filter and UV Combi Help and Advice

One-stop solution for clean and clear pond water

At Swell UK we have a number of bio and UV combi filters that will remove traces of grime and waste and treat the water with UV light to remove algae cells. A popular choice for keen pondkeepers, these filter combis help to keep the pond water healthy and clean.

What is a bio filter and UV combi?

A bio filter and UV combi comprises a single unit containing a biological filter and a UV clarifier. This is more compact, neater, easier to install, and cheaper to purchase than buying separate units, and can help give you a clean, healthy pond with clear water.

Why should I buy a bio filter and UV combi?

A bio-mechanical filtration system is designed to physically trap and break down the biological matter in your pond that clouds the water and makes it unhealthy for any fish. Green pond water is caused by the presence of single-celled algae in the water and can prevent you from seeing your fish and can harm their health by starving the water of oxygen. By pumping filtered water through a UV clarifier, you can kill the algal cells that cause green water, giving you a clearer, healthier pond.

What are the main types of bio filter and UV combi?

We have a great range of combination filters from brands such as Oase, Evolution Aqua, Blagdon and Swell's own brand filters. From budget to top-spec models we have everything you need to get started with purifying pond water. For larger ponds, especially those containing koi, extra filtration is needed. The Evolution Aqua EazyPod Complete is ideal for a large Koi pond of up to 10,000 litres (or a Koi free fish pond of 20,000 litres). The large and powerful system sits outside the pond, comes with accessories and even includes an air pump to share oxygen around the pond. Fishmate have a range of cost-effective pond filters that not use UV light to treat the water but also use a multi-stage filtration system including mechanical and biological filtration. With a variety of models to suit ponds from 1250 litres (with fish) to 10,000 litres (with fish).

What features should I look out for?

As well as the biological filter and UV clarifier, you'll also need to purchase a pond pump with a flow rate that matches the filter you select. Filter pumps tend to be the most popular option, because they're lower maintenance and can handle fine solids without blocking. You'll also need some flexible hose to connect the pump to your filter, and some hose clips to ensure a watertight connection. For legal reasons, outdoor appliances can't be supplied with fitted plugs, so you'll need to purchase plugs and an outdoor electrical socket if an indoor socket isn't within easy reach of your pond. Replacement foam sponges should be purchased to ensure optimum performance. This will keep pond water clear and clean water through mechanical filtration, as well as providing optimum living conditions for good bacteria as well. These need replacing regularly to maintain the continuous capacity of your filter system, ensuring dirt isn't able to build up.