Pond Filter Pumps

Filter Pumps Help and Advice

Create a crystal clear pond

From market-leading brands such as our own Swell collection and german-engineered Oase, these filter pumps are designed to move water towards a pond filter removing all types of waste and debris.

What is a filter pump?

Designed to handle solids and move water to the pond filter quickly, a filter pump removes all types of waste and debris from the pond leaving the water clean and clear.

Why should I buy a filter pump?

Filter pumps are economical and energy-efficient saving you money. At Swell you can find top brands like Oase and Swell's own collection of best-selling solids handling pumps. Equipped with a robust pump cage, filter pumps protect larger items such as leaves, fish, newts and stones from being sucked inside and pass smaller particles of waste, keeping pond water crystal clear.

What are the main types of filter pumps?

At Swell UK we sell a range of filter pumps that have a number of purposes. They can power waterfalls, fountains and streams as well as your pond's filtration system. Their simple design makes them easy to install, and they consume very little energy considering the volume of water they move.

What features should I look for?

Whether you're an amateur or seasoned pond keeper, selecting what size pond pump you will need to run your filtration system is one of the most important things to consider when setting up your pond project. Pump flow rates drop when you pump higher and further than the pond, so you need to consider these effects. You should aim to purchase a pump that meets the maximum flow rate of your filter at its height above pond level. For help selecting the right pump, check out our Pond Volume Calculator.

What accessories should I buy with a filter pump?

You'll need to consider how you'll get power to your filter pump. A 10 m cable is provided, but these do not come with a fitted plug, to allow you to lengthen the cable with a waterproof connector. You'll also need some ribbed anti-kink pond hose and some hose clips to keep the hose firmly attached to the pump.